How To Use: Crep Protect Wipes

How To Use: Crep Protect Wipes

For our latest back to basics episode, check out how to use the Ultimate Sneaker Cleaning Wipes on one of this year’s hottest shoes!

There’s nothing worse than wearing a brand new pair of trainers and getting them dirty unexpectedly. In those moments, knowing how to react can be key to ensuring that your trainers survive. That’s why we invented our handy Crep Protect Ultimate Cleaning Wipes to ensure that you can give your shoes a quick fix before the dirt sets in.

Check out how Crep Protect Wipes give you the ultimate cleaning and sneaker refresh experience on the go! To put the Crep Protect Wipes to the test, we took a pair of the coveted Sacai x Nike LDWaffle “White Nylon” and wore them for a full day in the city in order to show you just how effective our wipes are. The results speak for themselves..

The Wipe

The effective wipes are double-sided, each with a specific purpose. To tackle stubborn dirt, marks and tough stains, the raised texture of the wipe helps grip grime and lift away from your footwear. The smooth side of the wipe allows you to wipe away excess dirt, or use for light cleaning. The wipes are durable and won't fall apart throughout use, as well as being pre-treated with the unique cleaning formula leaving your footwear looking fresh!

The Toe

Using the rougher side of the wipe, start wiping down the toe and mudguard to tackle those tough stains. This will help to remove the dirt as these areas are one of the most exposed on any shoe. The rough side will take the stains out of these areas whilst not damaging any sensitive fabrics such as leather, canvas and nylon.

The Swoosh

On any Nike shoe, the Swoosh is one of the key areas to keep clean. With this being a sacai x Nike LDWaffle, there are two different Swooshes to keep in mind. This leather Swoosh will require the rough side of the cloth in order to get clean. It will help to remove all excess dirt.

The Midsole

As with any shoe, the midsole is exposed to a lot more dirt and stain problems that any other area. The midsole will require the rough side of the Crep Cleaning Wipe too. Using the textured side of the wipe will enable you to get the dirt out of the midsole without affecting the material.

The Heel

When it comes to the heel of the sneaker, the rough side will also enable you to get a lot of the scuff out too. The texture will get all of the excess dirt out of the shoe and is an effective way to ensure that you remove stains.

Repeat the Process

Keep working around the shoe until you are happy with the outcome. It’s important to go over the shoe a few times in case you have missed any dirty areas that need a clean again. Use the smooth side of the wipe to do a general clean around the shoe too, making sure that all dirt has been removed from the sneaker.