About Us


Since its inception and launch in 2012, Crep Protect has become the world’s leading premium sneaker care brand. As market leaders and innovators of the sneaker care industry, the visionary team understands the lifestyle of their consumers on a personal level and pairs their unrivalled sneaker knowledge with a passion for sneaker care that has led to Crep Protect holding its position as a global market leader.

Jordan + Spray
Dunks + Eraser
Jordan + Wipes


Crep Protect encapsulates an aspirational ethos that drives a unique appeal within the sneaker community. By embracing the consumer lifestyle beyond shoe care and merging the brand with key cultural touchpoints: from music, fashion, sports, gaming and art, Crep Protect has evolved into a lifestyle brand, with talent, influencers and consumers alike joining the ever growing community of #teamcrep.

Crep Protect - Suitcase