Crep Protect Sneaker Guards (1 Pair)

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Say goodbye to unwanted creases with the Crep Protect Sneaker Guards.

Infused with advanced Gel-Tech cushioning, these Sneaker Guards protect your sneakers against undesirable toe box creases.

The best part? They’re reusable and come with a refreshing tropical scent, keeping your sneakers fresh from the inside out.

Product Details

    • Crease-Free Sneakers: Advanced Gel-Tech protection
    • Reusable Freshness: Eliminate odours, and protects shoes
    • Preserve Sneaker Appeal: Say goodbye to creases
    • Small: UK 2-6.5, US 3-7.5
    • Large: UK 7-12.5, US 8-13.5
    • 1 pack comes with a pair

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