Crep Protect Cure Travel Kit (Horse Hair Brush Material)

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Introducing the Ultimate Crep Protect Cure Cleaning Kit (HORSE HAIR MATERIAL) - the all-in-one solution for cleaning your sneakers.

  • All-in-one sneaker care: 100ml natural solution, premium brush, cloth, and case
  • Cure cleaning solution with brush and cloth for effective stain and grime removal
  • Includes convenient carry case for easy storage and portability
  • Our premium cleaning kit is specially designed to remove tough stains and grime.

The kit includes:

  • 1x Premium Brush (Horse Hair material - Brush bristles are made of horse -hair)
  • 1x Cleaning Solution
  • 1x Microfibre cloth
  • 1x Water Tray
  • 1x Carrier Pouch


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