Crep Protect Spray 200ml

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    Protect your sneakers with the Ultimate Crep Protect Spray, making it easier than ever to repel liquids and stains. 

    Forming an invisible hydrophobic layer over your sneakers for up to 2 weeks of long-lasting protection.

    Fast-drying and breathable, this is the only waterproofing technology your sneakers will ever need.

    • Effortlessly repels liquids and stains.
    • Forms an invisible, hydrophobic layer for up to 2 weeks of durable protection.
    • Quick-drying and breathable, the essential waterproofing technology for your sneakers. Protects Leather, Nubuck, Suede & Canvas.

    [**Only available in Peninsula Malaysia**]
    [***We are unable to deliver this item to Singapore, Brunei, Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan***]

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